Boardgames - Spooktober Edition

Guess what, it’s almost Halloween! Time to get spooky! 🎃🎃🎃

What better way to enjoy the terrifying yet festive atmosphere than through a game, especially now, while we’re still in quarantine. Gather around the table, dim the lights, set the mood, and immerse yourself in all things mysterious and ghoulish… Here are some games that would help you celebrate Halloween the right way!

Shadows loom once more over Baldur’s Gate, and monsters lurk in the darkness. Explore the city’s labyrinth of catacombs and alleys tile by tile and uncover the horrors hidden within. Work together with your team of adventurers to survive the waves of monsters that will inevitable catch up to you. Can you rely on your fellow players, or will one (or more!) of then turn against you under the corrupting influence of Evil? Betrayal at Baldur's Gate includes 50 scenarios, and together with the randomised modular board no two games are ever the same!
This little dexterity party game is as simple as it is fun! Ghost Blitz (as well as its other iterations) is a shape and colour recognition game that is sure to test your reflexes. The game comes with a handful of small components representing different haunted household items and a Ghost, as well as a deck of cards. Each round, match the card in play with the correct object, and be quick about it! Here’s the trick - each card depicts two items, and one (or both) of them is coloured incorrectly. So, which object is right to grab? If one object is depicted correctly, then players race to grab it. If both objects are mis-coloured, then snatch an item that is not present on the picture - neither by its shape, nor by colour!
This Living Card game (LCG) is an eldritch adventure ready to immerse you into a terrifying tale. A game for two, Arkham Horror plays out one scenario after another in a single ongoing narrative, full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Pick one of the many characters, each with their unique talents and flaws, and combine your party’s strengths to overcome the many monstrous encounters you will face. In Arkham Horror, you are not a famed hero, but a regular person thrown into the most irregular circumstances. Every decision you make counts, and the outcomes of your battles with the forces of Evil will determine where the story will take you next.
A lightweight dice-based dungeon crawling adventure, Escape the Dark Castle leads you through a sequence of encounters, each determined by a roll of the dice. You start off as one of 6 characters, wrongfully incarcerated within the depth of the Dark Castle, each with their unique combination of the game’s three traits - Wisdom, Might, and Cunning. Use your party’s combined skills to make for a quick (or not so quick) escape, surviving the many traps and monsters hidden behind each door.
1920’s. Scotland. Haunted house. You are a group of mediums investigating an old, long-forgotten mystery. During your séance, one of you will play a ghost who will communicate with the rest of the players in broken images, and each medium will combine their findings to form a bigger picture and decipher the ghost’s message, and thus solve the mystery. The séance is broken into 7 hours, within each hour the mediums are given visions corresponding to a specific part of the mystery. Each hour, if they guess the ghost’s message correctly, the new set of visions is given to answer the mediums’ next question. Will the mediums find out what happened in the haunted house by the end of the night, and release the ghost from its eternal torment?
The players are brave investigators, looking into mysterious happenings around the globe. Travel from one continent to another, gather clues about the hidden evils stirring in the dark, and stop Lovecraftian monstrosities from ripping through the fabric of reality and devouring our world. Work together as a team to respond to the different events happening around the globe, travel quickly to stop dangerous rituals and battle summoned otherworldly creatures before they grow in power. Time’s a-tickin’! All the while, the arrival of the Ancient One approaches. Solve the occult mysteries before it’s too late, be fast or be dead!
Have you ever thought about who’d win in a duel of magical abilities and strategy- Maleficent or Ursula? Well, now you can pit iconic Disney villains against each other in a contest of power! Jafar, Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts... the gang’s all here and ready to triumph over the forces of Good once and for all. In Villainous, each character has their own villain deck, fate deck, player board, and their unique win condition. Players move their villains around their player board from one location to the next, acquiring Power tokens and playing cards – be it an ally, a magic item or effect, or even a curse. Reveal your Fate cards as you play - those are the forces of Good, here to distract you from your goal and hinder your advancement. Fight heroes, use your abilities to reach your personal goal, and enact your evil schemes!

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