Everdell – one of the prettiest games you’ll ever see!


Everdell – one of the prettiest games you’ll ever see!

All sorts of critters, from hedgehogs to squirrels, are labouring in the picturesque valley of Everdell, under the majestic Ever-Tree, to bring about a bountiful harvest and expand their village before winter comes.

Everdell is an award winning, medium complexity worker placement board game, boasting high scoring reviews and a position in the top-40 board games on popular hobby website Board Game Geek. Released in 2018, it quickly became a beloved favourite amongst many board game afficionados.

In Everdell, you accumulate resources to build various structures and employ critters, all to maximise your end-game score. Plan ahead and synergise your buildings and workers to bring victory closer! The game is divided into 3 seasons – Spring, Summer, and Autumn. As the seasons progress, you get access to more workers and more areas on the map, but less time to enact your strategy. Deploy your critters to gather various combinations of resources, send them to events to get special bonuses, or place them at your buildings to unlock more features. The space in your village is limited, however, so make every structure you build and every character you place count! Whatever you choose to do, Everdell gives you a wide range of options and ways to win. Combined with beautifully crafted components, the game is an absolute must-have for all board gamers!

Since its release, Everdell has gotten multiple expansions, big and small; among them – Pearlbrook, Bellfaire, and Spirecrest. Pearlbrook lets you expand the Valley of Everdell to include a river, with its Frog inhabitants and a new resource – pearl! Pearlbrook introduces new constructions and critters, and lets you make adornments and wonders out of pearls. Bellfaire, on the other hand, adds two more players to the game and introduces a grandiose event to commemorate the 100th year since Everdell’s founding. In this expansion you will find a Bellfaire board with a large Market location, as well as new event cards and end-of-game bonus point features. Lastly, Spirecrest takes you to the snowy mountaintops. This expansion introduces new weather card mechanics, discovery cards that let you encounter new critters on your journey through Spirecrest, and Big Critters that serve as mounts!

Play the original Everdell experience or expand the game further to include its many maps and adventures! The game along with its expansions is available at Gumnut.

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