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At Gumnut, we are passionate about bringing people together through board games. When friends and family are gathered around the table and sharing the same experience, something magical happens. Barriers are broken and there’s an electricity in the air as everyone shares the joy, laughter, and excitement that only tabletop games can provide.

We aim to be Australia's leading online one-stop-shop for your tabletop entertainment. With a huge online selection of board games, roleplaying games, dice, miniatures, trading cards, puzzles and novelties available to choose from. Our online store currently has over 15,000 products and our range is expanding every day.

With Australia wide flat rate shipping for all online orders, Gumnut can make your next board gaming purchase faster, easier and more affordable. If there are any products you can’t find, drop us an email at and our team of board game experts will do their best to assist you in finding those obscure hard to find items.

Happy gaming!

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Board Game Designer Spotlight - Phil Walker-Harding

Sushi-Go! And we’re off highlighting one of the most successful board and card game designers in Australia; Phil Walker-Harding. Phil sold over 1 ...
  • Gumnut Team

Children’s Board Games

CHILDREN’S GAMES Children’s games are designed with kids in mind, but the best ones will have the big kids engaged too. Children’s games are easy t...
  • Gumnut Team

Gloomhaven – an RPG campaign and a tactical combat game in one box

You may have heard about it! After all, this game is still holding the number one position on the popular Board Game Geek website, 3 years since being released.
  • Gumnut Team

Miniature Painting Techniques 101

Are you thinking about picking up miniature painting, be it for a tactical warfare game or an RPG campaign, and you’re not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’ve been painting for a bit and you’re not too happy with the results? Here are a few techniques that will help you make your figuring come to life.
  • Gumnut Team

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