Infinity miniature game has never been more accessible!


Infinity, one of the most popular miniature skirmish games, has recently released its newest 4th edition rules together with the Code One system, and it just might be the best time yet to jump into the game!

Let’s start with a little background information about the game itself. Infinity is a 2-player tabletop miniatures game, set approximately 175 years into the future, boasting a distinct Mecha-inspired sci-fi look and feel. Visually, it is a bold blend of Anime and realism, with bright cartoonish designs meeting sharp lines and harsh militarism. Played out on a 4x4 foot battlefield, the game sees small skirmish forces pitted against each other within various missions. Both highly tactical and thematic, Infinity boasts a vast pool of 28mm metal miniatures to choose from – all designed, sculpted and mass-produced at an in-house factory in Spain.

Have you been playing miniature warfare games and pondering if you should try out Infinity, like all the cool kids? Or maybe you’ve dipped your toes once or twice and thought the learning curve is a tad too steep?

Enter Infinity N4 - the edition that marries a less hardcore, medium learning curve and incredible tactical depth. The new Reactions system allows you to find your own balance between setting up your defences and planning out your offences - counterplay your opponent’s move while trying to reach your own objective. Another big highlight is the Camouflage feature – deploy a secretive unit that’s hidden to your opponent and play it a-la Predator. Extra sneaky! Offering a rich world and engaging narrative to back its mechanics, the new N4 edition puts an even bigger emphasis on player interaction. The 4th Edition is undoubtedly an improvement on its predecessor, and there has never been a better time to pick up an Infinity rulebook, whether you are an established player or a newcomer to this system.

But what about those of us who are new to the hobby and have not played miniature warfare games before? Or simply would prefer a more casual approach to the game, with more streamlined rules and a lower barrier to entry? The recently released Infinity system Code One is the answer. Faster playing time, condensed rules, and lower complexity level - all whilst delivering the same dynamic signature Infinity gameplay. The first product to look at in the Code One lignup is the Operation Kaldstrom box. You’re getting 7 miniatures for 2 factions each - Panoceania and Yu Jing - a rulebook with some worldbuilding introductory information, as well as a handful of missions to get yourself started. But wait, that’s not all. You’re also getting accessories like a set of dice, a scenery pack and a game mat to form a battlefield, and all the tokens and markers you’ll need for your missions. This is the ideal product to begin your Infinity journey!

Infinity has never been more new-player friendly. Whether you’re already a fan of tabletop miniature gaming, or just getting curious about the hobby, take a peek into this system - you won’t be disappointed!

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