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Alphabetta is an exciting new concept Pocket Size word game. Players must decide at the start of each game which size word panel they are completing and all players use the same size.

Before starting the game, lay all letter squares face down in their colour groups in the middle of all the players. Each player gets an privacy/information Screen. Players can use the Word Panel samples on the privacy screens or complete a word panel of their choice. Only words in an agreed dictionary are allowed, no proper nouns or abbreviations are to be used.

To start each player throws the three dice and highest tally goes first and the other players continue in a clockwise direction. Letters are acquired by throwing the three dice and picking up one face down letter.

As soon as a player gets three or more letters, they start to build their word grid. When players aren't having their dice throw turn, they are creating their word panel, using the examples shown on the privacy screens. Normally the game finishes without all the available letter tiles being selected from the tabletop.

If no more letters are available from the dice number’s colour, a player may exchange any of their unwanted shards of that colour (face down) with any of the other players who want to participate in a likewise shard colour swap.

Alphabetta is primarily for 2-4 players. Three Letter Word Squares can be played by up to 6 players in a game. The Four Letter Word Squares should be played with a maximum of 4 players and Five Letter Word Squares should be played with a maximum of 3 players although it is an excellent game with 2 people. The Five Letter Word Squares can be quite challenging and therefore it is advisable to set an agreed game time limit, ie 60 minutes and if not finished in that time, decide the winner by scoring all completed words.

Vendor: Buzza Games

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