Pathfinder Battles - Legendary Adventures Preview Pack

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This 8-figure set features all-new sculpts based on the concept art from iconic Pathfinder cover artist, Wayne Reynolds, with exclusive paint schemes available only in this package!

Whether you're a player looking for an armored elf, a goblin dog-slicer, or a halfling slinger or you're a Game Master seeking to build up your warband of brutal orcs, sinister bugbears, or regimented hobgoblins, this preview of the forthcoming Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures set will jump-start your collection!

Goblin Dog-Slicer
Orc Charger
Bugbear Skulker
Orc Battler
Goblin Guard
Hobgoblin Soldier
Armored Elf Soldier
Halfling Slinger

Vendor: WizKids

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