Infinity - Nomads - Bran Do Castro (Em, Ccw) (Blister)

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The Beauvoir Module in Praxis was created as a command post and refuge for the most radical of feminist movements. In Beauvoir, the dominant theme is feminism with a combative attitude which draws heavily from punk philosophy and aspires to destroy current Human Sphere society. However, if the original founders of Beauvoir were politically incorrect intellectuals, the majority of the modules current population consists of girls of Atek origin, excluded from society and the good girls market. And so the Riot Grrls were born, authentic daughters of punk, icons of tactical street combat, leading representatives of the K.I.Y. (Kill It Yourself) philosophy, anarcho-feminists with automatic weapons who jump into combat with ferocious conviction and an attitude that spits in the face of good manners. Strength, Revolution and Anarchy!?

Vendor: Corvus Belli

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