Memoir '44 - The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol Expansion

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The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol is a series of battles fought along the
Halha River (Khalkhin-Gol), on the Soviet-Japanese border, at the very
beginning of World War II. The Japanese Sixth Army was facing the
Soviet 57th Special Corps, including Mongolian cavalry. At first, the
battles were only short skirmishes, but it soon escalated into open war.
The whole campaign lasted 5 months and ended with a Soviet victory.
The six standard scenarios of this expansion can be played separately
or as a campaign, with each scenario outcome impacting the following
one. The pre-printed Breakthrough scenarios, Bain Tsagan Heights and
Tightening the Noose, can be played in the campaign as well as one of
the two Overlord scenarios, Encirclement at Khalkhin-Gol. The second
Overlord scenario, Cape Torokina Landings, highlights the fierce battle
for Cape Torokina between US Marines and Japanese forces that took
place years later�therefore it is not part of the campaign. This expansion
also includes 6 Soviet BA-10 Armored Cars and 6 Japanese Type 97
Te-Ke tankettes that players will find useful for many of the scenarios

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