Ken Duncan Images of Australia - Benambra Pub, NSW (2000pc)

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Ken Duncan (OAM) is one of the world’s leading exponents of panoramic landscape photography and spends much of his life traveling to remote and exotic locations.

Australian born photographer Ken Duncan (OAM) captures the rich ochre reds of the outback, the turquoise blue of the sea and shadowed greens of the rainforest.

In this exciting range of high-quality Ken Duncan Jigsaw Puzzles, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the splendor and the diverse character of Australia – from the cities to the wilderness and beyond.

Ken says “To really know a region you have to spend time absorbing its mood until you begin to relate to its mysterious and ancient rhythms”, says Ken. “I often have to return to a location again and again until I’ve captured the true spirit of the place. In that time spent waiting for the right moment, I have the opportunity to truly connect with the land. It’s amazing what you can learn about a place by just sitting in silence there”

Ken Connley is something of a legend in the high country. The city police had come to Benambra to catch people driving under the influence and were hanging around the small local pub. So Ken, being a law-abiding citizen (within reason, to the best of his ability), decided to ride to the pub on his horse. He asked me to go ahead and tell the publican he was riding down, which I did. I wondered why the publican was putting down a rubber mat in front of the bar. But then Ken appeared and rode straight up to the bar. It took me by surprise, but the locals didn’t bat an eyelid. In these politically correct times, it’s a great comfort to me that we still have characters like Ken in our beautiful country. I have great faith in the people of Australia and believe that in the end, the ‘pub test’ for logic will prevail. Ken only had a few beers then headed home, waving a big G’day as he passed the boys in blue.”

When complete, this 2,000pc jigsaw puzzle measures 1000mm x 700mm and is ideal for framing

For 1 Player, Aged 12+.

Vendor: Goliath

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