Infinity - Combined Army - Yaogat Strike Infantry (Boxed)

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The Yaogat Strike Infantry is an elite assault unit with the ability to execute commando-type operations. The Yaogat are ready to mobilize in high risk scenarios, specializing in Search and Maximum Damage Destruction operations. Their operating role consists of locating, identifying, harassing and eliminating enemy advanced or infiltrated forces through assault operations and Direct Actions. The Yaogat also secure combat zones and ensure they are clear of enemies and hidden dangers. They are deployed as Close Precision Engagement units, operating as counter-sniper teams. Their task is to detect and neutralize hidden snipers, and other camouflaged hostile elements, before they can contact any Supremacy forces.

Metal components.

1 Yaogat Strike Infantry (Boarding Shotgun)
1 Yaogat Strike Infantry (Spitfire)
1 Yaogat Strike Infantry (Combi Rifle)
1 Yaogat Strike Infantry (Combi Rifle + Panzerfaust)

Vendor: Corvus Belli

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